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For Adoption

We hope that everyone who contacts us to adopt guinea pigs does so with the intention to provide a loving forever home and wants to rescue rather than buy. If the ‘look’ of the guinea pig is your most important priority please don’t waste our time going through any of the adoption process and look elsewhere. Yes it’s great to find the guinea pig pretty and in person we think all of the guinea pigs we have here are gorgeous, the photo may not always reflect this. We hope your priority is to better the life of the animal and look after it for the remainder or it’s life.

Momma Mabil and baby Gwenno

Momma Mabil and Gwenno her baby.

These two are so cute – shy but cute. They love their veggies and dried grass and need a home where they can be well and truly spoilt. We rescued Momma from an outdoor home where the enclosure didn’t even have a proper roof – she was getting soaked and freezing cold. Just about to give birth we were so relieved to get her into a warm, dry, heated place just before fireworks night when she had her babies. Can you imagine how scared she would have been with tiny babies in amongst all the cold and noise? Are you her new forever home?

Sarabi & Amelia – reserved until after Christmas, congratulations girls!

Born 4th November

Enid’s other baby girls and aren’t they the cutest little chops in town! So soft and fluffy and ready to be adopted mid December with they reach 6 weeks old. They were lucky to have got here just in time to be born inside in the warm instead of outside being scared stiff on bonfire night. Looking for a nice warm indoor home for the winter.

Mike – Sadly Sully the baby died on 12th Dec very suddenly.
Mike is up for adoption as a solo boar to be paired with your lonely boar. We would bond them up here.

Sunshine & Dickens – reserved until after Christmas – CONGRATS beautiful piggies!

Now these two are so beautiful! Dickens was our sponsor pig for a year after coming into the rescue with lung damage. He went from one problem to another for about 6 months but for a year now he’s been great, all recovered! As such we don’t feel it right that he remain in rescue. Rescue is great but the pigs that live here don’t get enough human interaction and handling, we just don’t have the time. He is neutered and his companion is Sunshine who he has lived with for about 8 or 9 months. She has never been unwell but we want to rehome them as a pair as that’s how they have lived.

Both are skittish and will need handling, we are only rehoming to a 365 days a year indoor home and only to adults or people with older children who will take the time to get them out for a cuddle every day. If this happens these two will tame in no time. They are absolute stunners!

Our rescue is getting fuller by the day with residents who will need to stay here. This reduces the number we can accomodate to rehome so our pigs for rehoming has dropped. Please still get in touch because even if we cant provide pigs (subject to home checks) we know of other rescues who will be able to help you.
ALL male / female pairs have neutered males – we don’t breed any guinea pigs that come into the rescue at all. We assist already pregnant females by providing a safe and nutrient filled environment but would never pair / mate guinea pigs ourselves.

All of our adult Guinea Pigs will have been treated for mites and wormed as a preventative so should be protected for around 3 months. We will also have trimmed their nails. If you want support and advice on how to carry on doing this please feel free to ask.